promo vid done on the smallest of budgets......The audio was recorded live at Base studios in March 2010 and i put it together with a few band shots and one of our live vids from April 2010.
It's one of our early longer songs but has got a firm following which is why i gave the vid make over.

So please enjoy and leave your comments


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Eyes of the Raven will play live at the O2 Acadamy on the 3rd of June 2010....
so if your from the midlands come along and support local live music.\m/
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man it's hard getting crits these days=(
i follow the rules and post crits on other songs....oh what i see what i did.....i didn't put the link in.
So, In complete honesty, the clean part was cool, pretty soulful solo. The Vox sounded oddly reminiscent of the last song you posted on here, and the guitar work was mediocre at best. The transitions need work, being specific, the transition from the clean part to the heavy part at 1:15. The drum part at 2:10 doesn't quite fit the riff. The blues lick in the solo didn't fit the riff too well at times, I would add in some of the notes from the natural minor to make it fit better. I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm just calling it like I see it.

My songs are in my profile.

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Well through most of the song I kept thinking two things.
1.) The singer needs work on his clean singing.

2.) The guitar needs boosted.

I liked the solo pretty well nothing to complain about as far as I'm concerned. But I thought the transition out of the solo was a little weak.

Overall I just thought you guys needed an adrenaline injection your a metal band make more noise!

Crit mine?


If you just do one could you do truth in ashes please? Thanks and keep it up!
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First off I really liked the intro solo, I was a bit iffy on some of the note choices but that's all subjective >.<

The clean vocals were kinda of touchy for me too, but they weren't bad or anything. The more I listen to this though I like them. Sort of reminds me of the singer for Pagan's Mind...Only a little though.

The transition into the heavy riff was really awkward for me, though I think it was mostly because of the drums. When you switched back to clean the transition was great, but that initial shift in the beginning bugged me. The riffage in the heavy part was neat too. I really dug the solo at 4:45 or so, it came in strong though getting out of it was sort of weak.

Overall I did like the song, it could just use some tweaking.

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i know production is not great on this, and we're working on that by going into the studio this month to do a few high level production tracks. which will hopefully clean the niggles out.
this track was recorded live by a sound engineer who said he knew how to mix great tracks off the cuff, and imo he got the lead guitar and rhythm guitar the wrong way round, solos are low in the mix and my little added rhythms are gone all together.
i've brought a mixer to record our demos with in future so we as a band are in control.
as for the song not being whoa!! this was written before i joined and although i enjoy playing it the riffs don't sit well on my playing style, i've never been a fan of dropped sixth sting tunings. the new songs are taking form and have more going for them in terms of guitar work and should be posted soon. and i hope these please the UG.ocm forums.

cheers for you crits guys i will crit you back asap.