arch enemy's chris amott,playing a instrumental solo in japan.

It's not the fastest or the most complicated,but it's a perfect mix of emotion an speed..not to mention one of the best vibrato's too...

Its perfectly well composed and well played unlike most metal guitarist who are usually drunk and mess up live..

take a look and tell what you think,and post what you think is good too

I agree it sounded boring, it also sounded very much alike one of Paul Gilbert's songs on his Get out of my yard CD.

Wanna see a great solo?
the intro solo for this song is one thousands times better. Also note it is a real "Solo" since he is playing with no backing band at the start.

EDIT: beaten to paul gilbert's ripoff
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Just kidding. I think Peter Frampton's solo in the live version of "Do You Feel Like We Do" is pretty good.
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