Hey i've got a new amp head Laney TF700 and i'm wondering how to know what cabs with be compatible with what head and vice versa. I know it has something to do with ohms and watts.
Thank You
Ohms must match and cab watts should be higher or the same as the watts of the head...otherwise the speakers might die on you...
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make sure to match the ohms (look at the head to see the ohms).
in your case, i think you have selectable 4,6, or 8 ohms.

and make sure you have MORE than enough watts in the cab to cover the head.

for example Laney TF700 is a 120 watt head, you could use a 200W cab.

and select the correct ohm on the head to match the one written on the cab.

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I know it has something to do with ohms and watts.

Exactly, the ohm rating of both MUST be matching
The wattage of the speaker has to be higher than the wattage of the head.
But I've seen people using speakers with lower power handling than their amp's ouput to be able to push the speaker to it's optimal perfomance, but that's playing with fire.