hey guys, just bought a Digitech RP 250 multi-effect pedal board. I got several other pedals: blues driver (Boss), analog delay, equalizer (also by Boss) and Dunlop Cry-baby Wah Wah pedal. So, what's the best order for them, including the new multi-effect one?
Just play around with it. For example, I never, EVER put a wah or an EQ in the effects loop on my amp, nor any other sort of modulation. The only thing I will ever put in there is a gate when I get one, and a delay because I don't use pedal distortion. But most people will usually put their EQ pedal plus modulation effects in the loop. I just do it this way because I like the sound better.

Just try it as many ways as you can and find out what you like best, and don't let other people tell you how to organize your toys.
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The way I've got mine set up is:

Guitar ->Wah ->Delay -> Dist -> Envelop Filter -> Multi Effect -> Amp
Wah->Blues Driver->RP250->Delay->Eq

You can put the EQ anywhere, but the effect will be different, so play around with that.
guitar > wah > eq > BD > rp250 > delay > amp.


guitar > wah > BD > eq > rp250 > delay > amp


guitar > wah > BD > rp250 > amp > FXsend [ eq > delay ] > FXreturn

Depends on what features you are using with the rp250...