I absolutely love Jonny Lang's music. I think he's a phenomenal jazz and blues rock guitarist. He has good lyrics, and excellent riffs in his songs, and his solos are tasty and refined, and show that he not only love blues and jazz but can play it like a champ. Thoughts about Jonny?
I do like Jonny Lang, but when he appears in Blues Brothers 2000 (which already is a rubbish film) I was gutted haha.

I agree with KevinFreund I prefer the likes of Joe Bonamassa even though Jonny Lang is awesome in his own right.


loganlong: you should check him out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO7nrv9GxBY

Considered one of his more popular songs but defiantly not his best but still pretty damn cool.
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He's off pursuing his own blues tunes small time. He is also getting into lots and lots of gospel. He kind of "found God" in other words.

I love Jonny. I took lessons from his teacher Ted Larsen for about 3 years. Check out Ted and you can definitely hear some Jonny in it.
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