Just took delivery of a nice new little toy. I'm also sorting out the EQ NPD I had a few days ago which I cocked up somewhat. So, EQ:

Long story shot, it's awesome. I'm only running it on 9V as I don't have an 18V adaptor at the moment, but it sounds brilliant. There is no noise through the amp, even with the gain turned up. The EQ is also really responsive - slight changes can easily be heard and it can sculpt the tone really well. It is brilliant at getting rid of the extra brightness of my ENGL and giving that nice dark, compressed tone that I love. Piccy:

The other new toy was a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+. I got bored of having to unplug the cable from my fuzz to save battery so decided this was the best way. There is no additional noise and I'm taking this as a positive and assuming it is delivering nice clean power. Loads of cables are included, although annoyingly no 18V cable - it's a £10 extra. Reading around though and looking at the unit itself it seems like the only things alive after a nuke would be the cockroaches and this thing - for the size it is pretty weighty.

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