Can someone recommend a good pedal board a quite large one? I would like one with a good power supply for atleast 5-6 pedals but if it doesn't then I can cope as I do have a ok power supply.

Must be in the UK or Europe (Thomann.de)

I could also do with some good patch cables please?

Thanks again in advance
I bought a 'Pedaltrain 2' and absolutely love it. It doesn't come with a power supply but one can easily be attached underneath. It is slightly angles and has two tiers for pedals to be placed on. They also provide you with some uber strong velcro to help stick your pedals down. There's a couple of different sized ones and you can either buy them with a hard or soft case.

They are quite expensive but I really do rate them



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How much are you looking to spend?

I bought a Diago pedal board. They are quite expensive but i think it is awesome. Doesnt have a power supply with it but as i use a boss tuner i use that to power everything.
These look sweet: Blackbird

I would advise against the stagg ones though. My house mate has one and it is cheap and lame. His pedals will not stick to it no matter what velcro he uses.