I've been offered a 1959 les paul custom for £3700 GBP.
sounds very fishy to me, the serial number is
apologies if there is already a facility for this elsewhere online but I could do with a hand
I would email gibson, with pictures.

Needless to say a 1959 les paul is probably worth a house, so simple fact is its 99% not the real thing, perhaps a reissue or similar sounds more like the correct price.

http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Support/SerialNumberSearch/ also has information, seriously you could find this yourself with google.
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that is a page with pictures of that 1959 Les Paul, serial # 9 2208.

if you can get THAT very guitar, and not a remade fake for that price.

you just won life.

but i seriously have doubts as that guitar is worth a shitton more than the price you list.

also, it's not a custom, 9 2208 is a standard.
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Quote by Stratopower
That guitar in those photo's has a massive crack in the headstock!

which has about zero effect on it's value.
That guitar should sell for at least twenty times that price. Probably sixty times that price. Someone is trying to rip you off.
or they are selling a new 1/300 gibson vos Melvyn Franks LP.

9 2208 belonged to Peter Green, then Gary Moore, now Melvyn Franks a collector.

Gibson is re-issuing 300 built to those specs, finish, wiring, etc. I sold one, they list for $6500 in the US.

So basically, say hi to Melvyn for me.

"The guitar was never magic go begin with." Peter Green

shame the TS is a lying troll.
i like the old bursts.
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