About 3 days ago I bought a 6505+ 112 Combo that was a floor model (only had been on the floor for maybe 2 weeks supposedly), and from a bit of stupidity and confussion I realized yesterday I had been turning the amp on incorrectly. I would flip the standby switch up to on and wait for it to "warm up" before I flipped the power switch to on, however I realized that did nothing and i'm supposed to flip the power switch to on and leave the other switch pressed down at standby to warm up before flipping it to On.

Anyways, from what I can hear there is nothing different in tone or sound, but i'm still a little freaked out over whether I could have done serious damage to the tube/amp (since I am new to tube amps I don't really know much about them)
Its possible, but you would probably know it if anything is messed up. Not all tube amps have a stand by switch, but they should.

Get on the Peavy site and down load the instuction manuel
No, nothing serious happened to your tubes if they are still working. You may have reduced their life-span by two hours or something, but even that is unlikely. Only thing I know is that they don't instantly die because of this. They just die noticeably faster when you regularly don't let them warm up.

My Laney, for example, doesn't have a standby switch. I just roll my guitar's volume down and let the tubes warm up this way. You did basically the same thing if you didn't play your guitar or plug any cables which would cause loud clicks.
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