haven't posted in a month (or so). This is a relatively old piece from the hiatus

a talk show host telling his audience he has had an affair and being interviewed on the today show before the interview with a drowning polar bear about climate change and darfur coming up in the next half hour

there are 42 grams of fat in this cereal
does the f.d.a think that's okay? do i
think that's okay? i'm poly
unsaturated with thoughts about
being monounsaturated asking
how do i have fun
i look at this cereal and see africans
starving on the flakes and almonds
before incorporating themes from
'lord of the flies' into my breakfast rituals
and eating meat for the first time
since sixth grade since
middle school awkwardness creeping
over my back in the form of
underlying form of slimey virginity 'just
let me make out with you,
the stars shined wet and electric behind
your forehead concealing how
un-okay it is to exist. this way
this way of walking coping with
cerebral paulsey and this
way of talking behind closed eye
lids on a jar in this context of
0.001% of the entrie universe is
in my head, festering inside
my acne and i still block
out the option of talking to
you at lunch today
i saw the interview withe drowning bear
and the last thing he ever said was
always allow people to change but
you were special and i had an affair,
Trippy. I got all the way down to the africans starving on the flakes before I did a double take.
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The language is creative and inventive I guess and it certainly makes for a confusing/intersting read but the problem is its so hard to read I found myself thinking.. 'what?'.. trippy - yeah, creative - in a way, understandable - barely.

The image of a talking polar bear however always wins
you're weird.

i like it.
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Trippy. I got all the way down to the africans starving on the flakes before I did a double take.

Haha same here. Anyways I like this and I feel like if this was a song, go for the style of The End by The Doors.
I really liked how totally unique it was. This really takes figurative language to the extreme.
Once fixed a toilet with an old trombone...
hopefully you would think it was perfectly normal and totally clear seeing as you wrote it.
but to someone reading it, on the surface it could very well look like a series of seemingly tenuous almost non-sequiturs with very little punctuation and lots of unusual line breaks.
as far as stuff on this board goes, its pretty weird.
thats not a bad thing.
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