I'm selling my bass, bought it used for $200, but best offer I can get right now is $150. It's still in brand new condition and includes case. It's a Peavey Millenium BXP 4 string.

Think I should settle for $150 or wait?

Pics are too large to upload :p

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Squeeze more money out of them. If you can't, settle for $150. But if you're planing to buy a new instrument try to get a better offer.
I already did, he originally offered $120 but says 150 is the highest he can go. I wanted $200 :p
If you paid $200, its extremely unlikely that you'll get the full $200 as a selling price. I'd say $150 is a fair price, provided its in good working order and there aren't any horrendous dings or gouges in it.
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