i have an american standard vg strat and need to figure out its age.

the serial is z7032135
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It should be on Fender's site. And those were only produced for like 2 or 3 years. So somewhere around 2006-2008
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a Z7 will be an 07 model

edit: guitarnucleus.com says this - "With the year 2000 came the introduction of the "Z" prefix serial numbers on US made instruments, which stood for the 0 of the new millennium. A Z0 prefix dates to 2000, a Z1 prefix dates to 2001 etcetera. The American Deluxe Series instruments use the same dating convention but with the addition of a "D" in front of the "Z", i.e. DZ1, DZ2 etcetera. Once again, and as always, there is typically some overlap and carryover of number prefixes from year to year."

that's how i was able to say xD
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