Hi guys, I have a few songs that i could use a hand chopping up and re-organising, I just can't seem to finish either of them and they are frozen in development. So some help or critique would be good (obviously i'll C4C).
Plus either could use a solo section if anyone feels up for it nudge nudge.

looking forward to input
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Both songs have potential. So I wouldn't scrap either.
The thing is that the drumming in both is sketchy at best; in nines1, very inconsistent, while the other song uses the same beat for about 60 measures.

Starts out interestingly enough, but the awkward drum beat throws it off. The 16th note snare hits on the last 8th of each bar work, but the lack of snare on every other measure coupled with the snare accenting on what is normally the 3rd beat in 4/4 really ****s with the rhythm.
In a regular triple compound, the strongest accents are the 1st, 4th, and 7th eighth notes (which is the 1st note of every bar).
The bass is also kinda odd, so I'm gunna rewrite that for you as well, to see if you like it.

That riff at bar 18 could work, but I think it's placement is detrimental to the flow of the song. I'll see what I could with it by just leaving it there.

I won't rework this one, as it's a lot stronger. All I would say is change the drums into something that repeats every 2-4 bars. Or keep the same basic beat and remove the snare hits on the 3rd beat.

EDIT: I had no idea what to do with the measure 18 section. There's nothing driving it, so I don't know what direction to take it in.
I only messed with the 1st riff of the song. Oh, and neither song needs a solo. It'll only bring it down.
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