I've been attempting to teach myself elelctric guitar now for 11 months and I'm not sure I'm really getting any where . I can play the od song arctic monkeys undertones and other snipits but these are just basic barr chords which any one could learn. I can also play lead on Dakota sterephonics but that's about it really. Most of my learning is from clips on YouTube or Reading bits from magazines . I'm trying to learn basic chords but I find it a bit of a struggle to put them together to make a tune I don't have any mates that play guitar or anything like that so I don't have anyone to get any input from. Basically I'm looking for a bit of direction and some input as to what I should be concentrating on.

PS I love my guitar I'm obsessed but I want to be better I want that wow factor
You may not notice it but as long as you keep playing, your tecnique WILL improve.
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Find a band who's guitar playing you really like and learn their songs. Try getting into some punk rock like the Sex Pistols. It's mainly power chords and little riffs and leads here and there but Steve Jones' playing teaches you really really solid rhythm. That should get your chops to a pretty decent level. Once you can grasp the technical side of playing a little better then you can slowly start expressing yourself.
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Listen to a lot of music. If you find a song you want to learn, look up the tab and watch Youtube videos of other guys playing the song.
Thanks for the info and input guys it's all much appriciated and taken on board even the robot oil.