I can't seem to get the track to load

Edit: Nevermind >.<

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Dude this is really cool! The beginning sorta reminded me of some of the good 30 Seconds to Mars xD

I dunno, I could really feel like there was something building throughout the song, the lead riff is really cool. The vocal harmony at 1:10 was really neat too, a nice piece of ear candy ^_^

It was really well structured and built, I was listening waiting for it all the crescendo and erupt with all the tension, then I got to 2:25 and I was like YES! It feels epic, like the world is falling apart or something.

Maybe the only thing I'd change is pull the vox up just a bit at parts, it was kind of hard to hear them at points but at others it was perfect...of course I'm also on shitty speakers, so that could be the culprit >.<

Thanks for the crit on my piece by the way!

Edit: Yeah, I know...I figured that out...for some reason I left clicked it and it took me to a flash app, which looked like it was going to play the song but didn't -_-

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I want to screw my sister.
In general, it is a really great song.

Your voice seems to have improved but in many parts of the song it's hard to hear them.

Aside from that, very good structure. I'm actually disappointed because I really wanted to hear the rest of it when it faded out. Songwriting-wise, it's an awesome song.

The production is good but as you said it is a very rough recording.

Tighten it up a bit and it'll sound great!

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I notice this was posted a while ago... so you don't have to crit my song if you don't want...
Wow shit this is great man!! I'm really impressed, I really love the vocals. Very well structured, really I swear. You're a really great song writer. Really nice bass work and guitar work of course. I really can't wait to hear the rest, if I had this song it would def. be on my ipod

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