So I know pedals are a common topic here, but has anyone tried any of these and what are your thoughts? I am really digging the Tube Overdrive and Valve Distortion, but the Metal Distortions looks cool too! I am gonna see if the music store here in Frankfurt has these and others, but these sounded good on YT. (yes I know dont rely on YT)
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The TL-2 is pretty solid. I mean it's not the best metal pedal in the world, but for what it costs, it's good. It reminded me a bit of an MT-2 (gasp!), except you could dial out all the suck.
I owned both the Valve Distortion and Metal distortion, both fantastic pedals.
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The Valve distortion was very nice but I found that it was too quiet. The OD, cm-3 I think, is amazing too, very loud and I like the designated high low eq section.
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