Should I get a jackson DKMGT or Should I get the LTD MH-1000NT. Im gonna order them online so I cant try them out. I play death metal/core/grind but I also want to learn jazz and other styles like that. What would you guys suggest.
I'd personally go with the ltd. The jackson will have a little bit of a thinner neck but ltd's sound better in my opinion. Ltd necks are around the same size as les pauls but a little bit thinner. i have never had a bad ltd ranging from a viper 200fm to an ec-1000.
I'm a jackson fan and I have the Jackson you are after. The LTD has mahogany right? They say that doesn't matter so much with active pups but thats a better value than the alder that the Jackson has.
You should atleast try and play a jackson and a ltd to see which type you like.
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IMO, they're extremely similar. The only major difference I see is a difference in is the neck on both guitars. Unless the Jackson doesn't have EMGs
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They're both basically the same. It comes down to preference of a set neck, or a bolt-on neck, and mahogany vs. alder. Which with EMG's, won't make that much of a difference.

The neck thickness will probably be about the same. I find Jackson Dinky necks to be pretty flat. I mean legitimately flat, almost no curve except on the sides. LTD's are a bit more round.
Thanks for the input guys, Id love more info from u guys that own a the jackson.
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Id go with the LTD, although i am a jackson fanboy, Emgs + mahogany = Rlly good tone off emgs, alder, not so much, majority of emg h8tred is to the alder body/emg combo, because alder aint that great sounding clear and sterile, mahogany is an "interesting" enough of a tonewood as well as counteracting the high ends of the emg with the thick, low end of mahogany
pretty much the same thread was made yestrday

personally I like LTD a lot better than jackson. The only Jackson i've ever really enjoyed is the RR3. Personally I like an old Carvel better than most Jacksons, although those seem to be going up in price as of lately. My friend got lucky and found one on cl for liek $150 from someone who didn't know what they had, and flipped it for $600.
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because alder aint that great sounding clear and sterile, mahogany is an "interesting" enough of a tonewood as well as counteracting the high ends of the emg with the thick, low end of mahogany
Actually it works in quite the opposite way; mahognay tends to be a slightly more 'open' wood than alder. Active pickups get their highly responsive tone by boosting all frequencies so frequencies that would normally get lost in the wood come through strongly instead. Mahogany offers virtually no resistance to this though, colouring the tone even less - so with active pickups you're getting almost nothing but the absolute tone of the strings and pickups, i.e. the widest, strongest frequency response possible.

So it's actually the fact that mahogany does a lot less that is what makes it a popular choice with active pickups, not that it adds or counters anything.

Anyhoo, try both guitars out and buy whichever fits you best. I don't know why so many people fail to grasp this basic concept. If you can't try either out for some reason and you absolutely have to buy blindly, I'd go with the LTD simply because the ESP neck is slightly more average and is more likely to suit a larger number of people, so there is a higher chance it will be the neck for you.
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Thanks for the info I think Im leaning towards the Jackson cuz I like flat fretboards.