Ok, after reading about a million threads before signing up I feel I should just go ahead and ask myself. I'm a bass player and have over the years dabbled more and more with guitar to the point where I'm actually playing guitar as much as bass. I'd been just recording jams with Apple Logic Studio but now I'm looking for a good combo amp to jam/record/possibly small gig with. I'd prefer a tube amp or possibly a hybrid. So here's some helpful info I hope:

Gear thus far: Schecter Damien V FR, DR DDT heavies, (set up for and tuned to standard C / Drop B) with stock EMG Hz's, Boss SD-1, MXR 10 band EQ pedal and a few other FX pedal which shouldn't matter.

Style: Metal, which I know is a broad category.. Think Amon Amarth, COB, Moonspell, Type O.. to Dimmu Borgir and such.. I would say death/black type metal to sum it up. A little versatility in the amp would be nice though to go into other styles if the mood strikes.

Price Range: Up to $700ish.. maybe a little more.

I've been tossing around the idea of maybe a Peavey Vypyr tube 60 because of the modeling abilities even though it leaves a lot of headroom in my price range. Basically just looking for some other amps worth checking out.. Hopefully I've given enough info to be helpful. Any advice would be appreciated. While I know what I like for bass and how to get a good tone, I'm still searching with the guitar.
I'd looked at the 6505 also and have heard good things about it. Just didn't know if the modeling capabilities of the vypyr would make it worth having around for versatility if I wanted to delve into other styles occasionally.
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Well, so much for a combo. For what I was willing to spend, and loudness not being an issue, I decided to order a Bugera 6262 head.. Gonna use a friends cab until I decide which to match up with it.. Thanks anyway..
Bass Gear:
Ibanez SR405
MXR M80 Di +
Ampeg BA 115

92 Yamaha unknown model
Schecter Damien V1-FR
Takamine GS Acoustic
Boss/MXR pedals
Bugera 6262 on the way..