So, I'm selling my gear to be able to afford a new guitar and amp, I still can't decide which guitar to get though. Budget is not important but preferably < £600
I play Blues, Rock and some Metal.
I would like some or most of the following in a guitar:

Mahogany body
Mahogany or Maple neck
Passive Pickups, preferably something high gain
Strat, Tele or Les Paul Shape
Fixed Bridge
Bridge Humbucker, wouldnt mind a single coil elsewhere
No reverse headstocks or funny shaped bodies, they just annoy me
22 or 24 frets, not fussy

I have looked at the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, a lower End Strat or Tele, and the LTD Les Paul's, but I still cant decide. Any Suggestions are welcome.

PRS SE Singlecut
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Epiphone Les Paul standard
Cheapo Yamaha nylon string
even more cheapo Fender steel string acoustic
Telecaster all the way. I love mine, and it's great for anything. Sounds cool for metal, because you can really hear the strings even when it's heavily distorted. Though, under high gain circumstances, I recommend getting noiseless pickups.
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PRS SE Singlecut

Yeah, that would be an excellent choice. If you're not too pissy about the guitar having a fixed bridge, and would accept "easy" tremolos (meaning anything but floyd / edge / kahler etc), there are many other Prs SE -series guitars, too. Also, Ibanez has some nice RG's and RGA's with a fixed bridge, and the SA -series isn't bad, either.

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Look out for some PRS SE's. If you find one that has Soap Bar-like P90's instead of humbuckers, try it anyways and see how you like it. If you dig the sound you should feel lucky, because this is a guitar that you'll be playing even after you've upgraded to an even better guitar (which'll most likely feature humbuckers)

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I really like my Les Paul Studio, but you'd have to find one used. I'd go with a Made in Japan telecaster. I like the shape and tone. They play like butter! I dislike mexican strats as they sound like crap. I always hear some sort of ringing and extra noise when I play them.... mine especially
How about a Fender Strat?? It is very versatile and large frets ensure easy playability.

Check out Ibanez aswell, you always get alot for your money with them...
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