So pit i got home late last night and left my amp and rack gear (with accessories) in my car overnight. Turns out my step sisters car got broken into that night and everything was stolen..yes from our driveway mine however was untouched (which surprised me because usually i'm the one with the bad luck). I would just like to thank Zeus and all the gods of metal for protecting me.

Anything like this happen to you before?

actually it was probably more to do with the fact i parked outside a police officers house xD
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i once left my gear in my car... but then went back 5 minutes later to get it. suffice to say, my car never got robbed either! RESULT.
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Yesterday, i was walking down the street and didn't get mugged
...and then i found 5 dollars

Well last night I stole some crap out of a car and didn't get caught, result!

and the was a police officers house nearby
Once, me and my classmate were walking around Utrecht doing random stuff in our free hour.
My friend got his wallet ninja'd. I was safe for whatever reason.
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wow that's lucky. My uncle had a jeep and he was at a show and he stayed next to it all night to watch it and make sure no one stole his gear. And he left for 15 minutes to sit in with a band and someone stole all his stuff.
yeah so i left my facebook unattended and so did this guy and his status got changed and mine didn't. lol i was really happy because i'm friends with my mum on there and i wouldn't want her thinking i like things up my bum or somehting lolololol. roffle.