You guys must get this question all the time, so sorry, but i read through the sticky-ed threads and couln't find my answer.
So i've got an awesome crate v33 head, but the 2x12 cabinet is still on it's way. The other day i was at practice, and using it through a friends 1x12 (the ohms were matched up) and it was just about loud enough to keep up with my friends 100w 1x12. So my question is this, when the 2x12 cabinet comes, how much louder will it be?
thanks in advance
Not much louder. If you cranked that V33 without it ripping your ears off, something's fishy. Maybe the cab you used had a crappy, inefficient speaker, but that can't be the only reason (in that case, a better cab would indeed yield more volume). Did you really turn the V33 all the way up?
That's entirely dependent on the speaker sensitivity.
With the same speakers, the 2x12 won't be any louder, it will just have a bit wider sound stage.
the volume and gain were both on about 8, yeah
and i was using the speaker from a marshall valvestate combo, which obviously isn't highest quality, so maybe that could explain it?
My thoughts on this is that your ears are directional. A bigger cab changes the sound dispersion and consequently way you hear the sound more than making it louder. It helps eliminate that boxy tone.
The AVT speakers aren't that great, but with the volume at 8 it should've still been defeaningly loud in the room. Where did you play it?