i need some help.
i am going to upgrade my Vypyr 15 to a higher powered vypyr but i am stuck between 2 models. the 100 solid state vypyr and the 60 tube vypyr..
Help please!! I play a mix genre of music, red hot chili peppers to Alexisonfire.
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Tube will give you power amp distortion. that is a plus if you play distorted and loud alot. If you need clean headroom, go solid state. but good choice on the vypyr.
i played the tube and they are really nice, but you will be looking for another amp within a year or less. you will hear in the long run that it was just a stepping stone.
id get a signature sounding amp thats not a modeling amp. but if your just a bedroom rocker the vypyr tube will be great. used bugera 333xl combo will stomp this amp even at low volumes.