recently i just purchased the boss ns-2 noise suppressor pedal. it is fantastic. well one day i came home and the light wont come on, but when i click the pedal (still no light) the pedal works. the battery is fresh and i have the psa cord for it but when i connect the psa cord to it, the light still doesnt come on, and i get no sound through it. I want to know how to get the light back on and things to run smoothly. any suggestions.
yeah i was thinking that to after i had just took some bowl hits. i dont want to fry the thing, thats why im a bit worried
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Well if it works correctly, why should you really care?

the light in an indicator of whether it is activated or not! obviously something to do with the light itself maybe some loose circuitry or something
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yeah but the thing is so damn new lol. still smells like it. maybe it is defective. the band im n is going into the studio n a week and i was gonna use this, i just need the light so i know when to change batterys if im on the stage. but the thing is i dont want to use batterys, i got the power chord for it. but when i plug it into it th whole pedal doesnt work.
take it back and get a new one
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i ordered it off musicans friend. i just want to know if there is a solution other than to take it back
probably best to return it for a new one
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yeah, i might go for a ISP Decimator pro rack noise reduction instead. my rack is so godamn full i dont know where to bolt this thing into.
omfg. only when im high i find the solution. i ****ing unplugged the psa cord out of the power surge protector and into another outlet. **** me running. its fine now.