hey chaps, i'm about to sit down and tab out the entire "The March" album by Unearth on bass. i've got a decent ear for tabbing and a setup that lets me filter everything but the bass, however, i suck at discerning tunings.

if anyone could throw some ideas at me for what tuning Slo uses on The March that we be shaweet! and if anyone knows how many strings he's shredding that would be sweet too. i've got a 5-string, so hopefully he's not 1-upping me with a 6

thanks in advance!

oh, and if you happen to know what tuning he uses (or can figure it out) on the album "The Oncoming Storm" that we be a huge help too.
Steve-B standard on a 7 string is the normal tuning so are you saying he matches their bottom strings? (i.e. BEADG)
i think that's what he meant (BEADG). if he hadn't said standard i would think otherwise