Hey this is my first time posting on UG, so whats up! This is an acoustic/rap with some horn parts kind of song I'm working on. Think Cake meets Immortal Technique lol. It's still in progress but feedback on my stupid lyrics would be appreciated!

I'll begin this with a grin/ and a shallow facade of calm
As we delve within/ and I begin burn all of my psalms.

Like rage, like hate/ lack hope inside the dust
I find my way to cope/ has made me choke but has been a must.

I've always swallowed/ words of truth and sealed them shut.
Maybe I thought they'd turn to wine/ if I ignored and bottled them up.

Or maybe I was conditioned from youth/ not to acknowledge abuse.
Maybe my spine/ just atrophyed from lack of use.

All my life I've suppressed my thoughts/ and point of views
Not for absence of oppinion/ but for absence of excuse.

Grade school I was loser/ and a good target to give hell
Because I'd take the caustic adjectives/ and never defend myself.

Home was never any better/ none assumed more then was shown
My home away from home/ was anywhere I felt alone.

Mom and pop both victims/ and cliche broken home clones
They saw eye to eye with acetone/ and would always let me know.

PCP gave way to paranoia/ where an orphan battled with his existence
Enough venom on their plate/ for me to give any resistence.

I been told it doesnt make sense/ to persist at remaining pissed.
So at the insistence of friend/ this is my atempt to span the distance.