Ok pit

You may or may not have seen these '........Lol jk, ........' things floating around Facebook at the moment, But I thought I would share it here and see if it catches.

Some that I have found are;

'Honest I didn't drink much... LOL jk, I got wasted'

'I'm so set for these exams... LOL jk, i'm F*cked'

'I'd take a bullet for you... LOL jk, That would kill me'

'Can't wait for the hot summer... LOL jk, I live in England'

'Nice makeup... LOL jk, you look like you've been gang raped by Crayola'

'The DFS sale is finally ending... LOL jk, it's not'

Contribute with any you can think up or have heard. The ones above aren't the best, but I can't find many at the moment.

Oh yea, inb4 'This should be funny... LOL jk, Thread fail'
OMG TS, this is such a great thread idea, glad you brought it to the table... LOL jk, its shit.