they're from my town (fullerton, ca) a few years ago they played at a benefit show at my highschool. Its kind of odd that thye're huge now and days. The album is pretty decent, although it's a little too indie pop for me.
a fun album, but are they really that huge? i saw some buzz early in the year, but it all seems to have faded.

are they just huge in your town because people want to say that they knew them when?

yea idk last i heard they sold out 2 nights in a row in new york, they're playing bonnaroo, sasqautch and played coachella. and they're still pretty plastered all over pitchfork.

I think they're doing good for themselves
They seem to have taken off in the UK and Europe before America. Playing a 2000 capacity venue in London next month, pretty good going for a new band.

Sun Hands is a belter.
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I'm listening to their album for the first time right now, I like it.

They're playing at Austin City Limits. Can't wait!
im a huge fan. gorilla manor is one of my favorite indie cds in awhile.

dont really see the vampire weekend/fleet foxes comparison, but i've been off before.
^ Me neither, just lazy journalism I guess. Although If i had to compare them to anyone it'd be Grizzly Bear.