for the life of me i cannot find solo parts for what happened by sublime and i cant figure it out. it doesnt seem to be that hard bu i can get it. could somebody please help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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hey i was going to start a new thread with this exact same question but i found this thread on google and figured i'd just bump it instead. I really want to learn this solo
I'll 3rd on that one. I can get parts of it but would love to see it properly tabbed if anyone knows?
I'd sit down and figure it out but I don't have any guitars in the house in E Standard. There are tab books for 40 Oz to Freedom (I lent my out in 7th grade and never got them back -_-), so you can most likely just walk into your local Guitar Center or any other store that carries tab books and check out the transcriptions there.
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