guys ive been planning to buy a new guitar,im left handed and i have an rg370dxl which is doing quite well so far but i wanted another one cuz i wanted to reduce the wear on the ibanez since its the only guitar i got, i also wanted another one that is of higher quality
but i found someone in my area selling a used Jackson JDR95 performer and he's asking for 250$...i looked online but couldnt find info about this model

is it a good buy? and is it a good guitar? and if its not really high end is it upgradable so it would be competent to higher guitars? or am i better off saving for another year or two and getting something else?
The only JDR I know of is a JDR 94 Concept......I happen to own a JSX 94 Concept. Nice made in Japan Jacksons with VERY thin necks...much thinner than any current Jackson. It should have the JT-590 Licensed Floyd which is one of the best licensed Floyds out there...
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so theres no JDR 95?

Not that I'm aware of. There is a PS4 Performer from 1995 that is pretty much the exact same guitar as the JDR-94 Concept. Same Dinky body, HSH, same trem (JT-500), reverse headstock, same placement of position markers on fretboard. If you had the serial number you could get the info from Jackson. The headstock is usually the giveway and it should say Concept or Performer out near the tip and the truss cover would have JDR-94 or PS-4 engraved on it. This guitar has neither for whatever reason....
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so why do you think it hasnt? any predictions?

Not all the performer models had the truss cover engraved with the model number. This was probably a simple matter of the factory running out on a particualar day so they would just use a blank. Also, many people lose truss covers, so that one might simply be a generic Jackson truss cover added years later.

I haven't see many left handed reverse headstock Jacksons from that era so it's quite possible none have performer written on them.
i guess i'll have to see it and try it out and maybe copy the serial and check it with jackson....thanks man uve been a great help! :-)