I've been thinking about this a lot lately, so I decided to post the question here and get the infinite knowledge of UG's GG&A

So I'm going to soon purchase a Peavey 5150 and once that's done, I'm definately going to need to upgrade my cab.

A lot of people have suggested Orange and Mesa 2x12's.

Which do you think would suit me better?

I'm going to be gigging in a deathcore band with them heavily.

What I'm really asking is, which would be more reliable on the road, and possibly sound better? From what I understand they both have V30's in them.
Hmm... Mesa's are brilliant. Never played Orange, but JFAC use them and I know guys who swear by them. Try them both (if you can), it's really personal oppinion - both would suit you fine.
Definitely the mesa recto 212. Best 212 I have heard and you can get it for cheap in the us.
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Really, I'd just buy which ever one's cheaper. A lot of people seem to think Orange cabs are amazing, I've never tried one, so I really wouldn't know... but I can't imagine them being so much better than a Mesa that they're worth the extra $200 more I see most selling for
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mesa for sure
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oranges are still the best cabs I've played. They sound amazing. Mesa is good too though. I personally think the Orange is a little bit more oomph. They are designed differently.
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