in star wars, what happens after return of the jedi? does luke rebuild the old republic? does he find an apprentice? or does he stick with han, chewbaca, and leha (i know i spelled that wrong) and fight crime across the galaxy? does anyone know what they do with the remaining storm troopers?

this was inspired about a thread about why vader is looking for luke in episode V and ive been wondering thsi question for a while so i figured now is the time to ask. thanks.

i think George Lucas needs to make a movie on what happens after.
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Luke rebuilds the Jedi Temple and trains a new round of jedi.
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and thats about it...
He opens a walmart accross the galaxy, and later gets sued for discriminating against the female galactic species.
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Go read a Star Wars novel if you really want to know.

are those written by george lucas? and can you sum up the main plot for me?


Also, everything post rotj and up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasions are legit imo (everything after that gets a bit O.o)


^Lucas is far too busy to be writing anything, so he just skims through a few of the novels and calls it canon.

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