Hi again, this is my second song, following Band Of Brothers.
this was mainly aimed to use for my band.

dont mind what you say, aslong as its constructive, thanks

im not really fond of the last verse and bass outro solo but ahh what the heck, tell me what you guys think

crit 4 crit of course, leave the link.
Untitled MIDI.mid
Untitled GP4.gp4
Ok here we go...

right off the bat, turn up the levels on the GP5 version.
Ok for the first section, turn off the vibrato,

The chorus is a little odd for me, it feels as if there is no bridge to it, and it just sounds off, try adding more of a bridge into (aka a prechorus.)

Measures 38-39 just sound out of key, try changing that to fit your scales, Same with 42-43, also 46.

In my opinion 47-50 should be removed entirely, and replace with a fading, soft riff.

Once again 63-64 are way out of key, the B's in 67 don't sound right, and should be replaced by an different riff.

Measure 71, the tapping riff needs to shift up to sound better, and 90-104 im sorry to say are boring, repetitive, and should be changed or removed.

When Im making these suggestions, Im talking about the leads, as the backgrounds sound fine.

Also, 99% of the drums need to be rearranged, as the go against the other rhythms. (P.S. its only really the snare beats that need to be changed.)

Overall the song was pretty well written but had some wrong notes and fairly mediocre. I would give it 6.5-7/10

Pretty good, but not amazing.
Im not trying to be mean Im just saying that things could sound a little better then they currently are.

Best Regards,
Austin Graves

P.S.S. Could you crit the one in my sig please?