Let's assume that the pit is full of artistic people since this is a guitar site. Here's the hypothetical situation:

You live your life as an artist, musical or otherwise, and you get to leave a legacy after you die. Great art lives on right? Well, suppose that your legacy, the artistic echo of your life that will reverberate on into eternity influencing future artists and preserving your memory, could only consist of one document, song, action, etc.

What would that be? Tells us the medium and describe the scope of content you'd like to be expressed there.
An amazing, pyrotechnic filled, well put on stadium concert. That is well filmed and documented.
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Good question.

The meaning of life written and sung, burnt onto a CD (TDK cd). Not to be unearthed until towards the end of time. It shall be buried in a labyrinth somewhere, where there are all sorts of monsters and creatures protecting it, and maybe wrapped in the photocopied picture of jacob's butt.
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An amazing, pyrotechnic filled, well put on stadium concert. That is well filmed and documented.

well put. I like this person's idea.
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A song that answer EVERY question in existence and every question that will exist. I want it to be only 3 minutes long, consist of 2 chords, and be generaly sung out of key, time, and tempo.
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Pink Floyd. I would like to be remembered as Pink Floyd.
Castles made of sand
Fall to the sea
Something similar to Tonight's The Night, or Time Fades Away. A raw live album (yes, I know TTN isn't live, but it has that feel) played loosely, full of great songs, with a great band, and me on guitar and vocals.
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