I am a new french user on UG.
I am searching for the chords of a song (The last song) of an old band : Trisomie 21
Can somebody tell me wich chords are used in this song ?
Just the basic chords, no need of the tab. I try to play an acoustic version...
I guess it's a bass and not an electric guitar, but with the chords used, I can try to make something

The song is here :

I guess I found some of this chords, but I am a guitar beginner (on a LAG) and it's very possible I'm wrong. And I miss some of the chords in chorus or bridge.

Thanks very much by advance (and sorry for my poor english)

(sorry for my previous post in the wrong forum)
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What chords have you found?

The bassline is like this:

C C B C B G A F /C

Try C major - F major

0:56 and try D minor here
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Sorry for this late reply, but I forgot this thread and was not mailed for your submission.
Later, I found C G Am F (and sometimes C G D - or Dm - F) for this song, and this seems to be good too.
Tell me how does that (my chords) sound for you please