ok, so i'm into basic electronics...i just made an LED switch, what should i learn next?

here are my sucky schematics!:

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you should have a resistor between the led and the negative terminal of the battery to prevent shorts, which is essentially what its doing now.

also, if youre looking for basic projects, i would recommend scanning through instructables.com. if youre looking for knowledge, i would also recommend the book 'Basic Electronics Theory: with projects & experiments' by Delton T Horn.
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Wiring LEDs for whatever reason you see fit:
Lower resistor value=brighter. Don't go lower than 1k. 2k2 is probably too much. 10 LEDs per battery is probably a good number. YMMV.

This shows it between the positive terminal and the LED.

And I would suggest the Fuzz Face Build on the First Page of the Ultimate Pedal Building Thread, you can find the link in the Essential Links Thread

I just about finished mine and the hardest part is getting the box together.