so, long story short, i have gear in my sig, plus a wah and line 6 Pod xt live in the fx loop, and i'm quite unsatisfied with my 6 string tone

my 7 string tone is passable fo sho, but that is another day i would look at improving that, and it is because i like the tone on my 7 more that i'm sure it's not my amp

so my six string is kinda like this:

basswood, edge 3 trem, which i have locked down to do alt tunings
d activator x in bridge and paf joe in neck, stock tuners etc

the best way i can describe what i feel i lack, is my notes aren't quite defined enough, especially chords while distorted, clean is fine, but my notes also see not "grating" enough, if that makes sense

any thoughts on ways to help?

if it is a prudent choice i plan on saving funds for a james tyler variax, would this solve my tone woes you think? and if i run into a hitch, other suggestions?
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EQ settings. By all rights, that guitar should wail.

I would also double check wiring, pots, etc.
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its your amp.
learn how to eq and to not blame your guitar for YOUR lack of a good ear for tone.
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while it may not seem to make a difference. I think the Edge III is a direct retrofit for an OFR. The Edge III is most likely soft metal and cheap, with the trem block being zinc or something. If you were to replace the bridge with an OFR (Which i think is hardened steel) and put a brass sustain block on it, It would brighten up the sound a bit and increase some definition and generally improve tone while giving you a better bridge in the process. That's the only thing I can think of other than the body being basswood which can be a little bland sounding sometimes, not that it's bad by any means, but that's all I can think of to improve the tone to be more clear and defined.

also, the variax thing looks pretty cool. I always thought those guitars had some potential to be really amazing if improved and done right. It might be better to hold out for those if you were short on cash.