Here is my attempt on Tender Surrender... Really hard for me... been playing seriously for 2 years now... still cant do it cleanly... =_=''

But the main reason I do this is to experiment with my guitar and gears to get the best tone that I can with some cheap setup...

The song is in my profile http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/jemeput/

Drop me ur link if u want me to hear yours...
Nice job

I really enjoyed the tone itself, but thought the reverb and delay was too much, it covered up the great tone!

It sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on how good it was technically and what you need to improve, keep up the good work.
Nice job, man...you got a nice tone.

May be you used too much delay, but its not a big deal.
in the legato solo its a little hard to listen to the guitar as clearly as in the rest of te tune, but its a matter of the backing track volume as i think.
You got a very fluid legato technique.
the switch between dirty and clean tone sounds just great, my friend!
btw, wich gear did you use?

i got a cover of the same tune...you might like to take a look...here it is:


i wait for your feedback...Great Job!!
@van01010100 - Thanks for checking it out... I really need to improve my techniques more... this song is just demanding for me

@steve506 - The tone... wow... I cant really say much about it... and I cant even brag about my gear =_='' I agree with u the legato part is a lil hard to listen to... I really need some extra work on that area...

My gear is just an Unbranded Strat Copy+40w Smarvo Amp+Boss CS-3+Boss Ds-1+Behringer DD600 thats all... not really something that anyone would like to have

I'll check out ur cover dude...
let me tell you that you get a very nice tone despite of the gear you have...congratulations!
hey.. wow.. u got a nice cover there.... and reading from what u guys been discussing... I have to say I agree with steve506 as u managed to get the best out of what u have...

If only u have a better gears.. u probably will do better than this... Im still learning this piece and hopefully can post it in my profile soon...

Rock On Dude!
I thought it really good and especially for 2 years thats awesome. It was pretty annoying to hear a background buzzing noise the whole time but I don't know what you have to work with. There was some sloppy parts but its not an easy song, I was really impressed by the song as a whole you pulled off some great lick in there. Take a look at mine totally different style but I'd like to know what you think.