I've come to realize that a halfstack is a bit too much for my needs so I posted my JCM900 on craigslist and got an offer - my head for his Marshall JTM60 1x15 plus $150. I've read up on the JTM series and apparently they weren't so reliable but lots of people have said that if it plays now, it'll play for awile; the duds broke down pretty quick.

So, my question is is this a good deal?
Try it out and see if you like it. If you're getting +$150 then it evens it out a little, but the JTM60s tend to go for ~$500 whereas a JCM 900 half stack should be $800 on the lower end.
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1x15 is a bit odd for a guitar combo isn't it? Aren't the JTM-60s solid state? Mosfet power stage if I remember correctly?
You're losing a lot in that trade...
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He'd be getting just the head. I found a separate buyer for the cab. And I'll have to go and try it out.

EDIT: It's definitely a tube amp. And what would be a reasonable amount to ask for him to add to the initial offer?

Thanks for the help so far.
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