Hey all,

First, I want to say thanks for the great forum. There's tons of info here, but after searching I can't seem to find the information for my problem.

Basically, my mom bought this guitar for me when I was in high school (10 years ago) and it hasn't been played at all for the past 5 years. I just got it back today, and I've noticed that the laquer finish is coming off at all of the concave bends on the guitar and the headstock.

I was just wondering if anyone out there has any information on a fix for it, I would greatly appreciated. I've included some pictures that I took of it.


I've read a little bit about using a heat source, such as a hair dryer, to cause the laminate to reattach itself to the guitar. However, I'm scared of warping the wood. I have contacted the Fender's FMIC customer relations, but have not heard back from them. I feel so bad for it, it looks like it has leprosy... : /
On Tacomas and the "varnish problem." I bought 2 Tacomas about 10 years ago or more, well before Fender took over the Tac WA business. First one was a full jumbo, no on-board electronics, then, having liked that lot, I got the smaller Rosewood jumbo when it came out. The smaller one never kicked like the big one had, despite it being of Brazilian RW. . Maybe a matter of acoustic unfriendly proportions or the heavy poly finish they used. Or both. As I was more into Gypsy guitar, I let these sit unplayed for years while I focused on my Aylward. And both started peeling their finish off in the case, unplayed.

I conferred with a good shop in Portland who told me Tacoma (now owned by Fender) was honoring this faulty finish problem for tons of people, but they were totally unreceptive to my complaints. And now Fender-Tacoma is gone. Like the "Chief" above, I too need to remove the bridege and hardware and strip these down on my own. I sense that these will both be improved in sound when that is done. Essentially these are wonderful acoustic guitars, old Tacoma Tacomas, Pre-Fender,except for the finish.

Ideas out there on how to go about the stripping? Can I leave the Tacomas just cleaned, polished and oiled?

Thanks, Dudes.
ah, the famous tacoma detaching finish. alas, they started out in a damp area without proper dehumidification, which caused the finish to lift on a lot of their guitars. too bad - my husband's got a tacoma dread that sounds great, luckily one of the later ones so the finish is intact.

i would try talking to fender just in case - they're pretty accessible. i wouldn't strip the finish myself as you may also damage the wood or pull off the binding. but if you do strip it, you might try french polish or oil varnish, which you can do yourself, or a wipe on poly IF you can get the wood clean enough.
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