I am working on my phaser and I noticed a wire disconnected. I believe it should be wired where the arrow is pointing because there is disconnected wires there. Just wanted to make sure it doesnt connect to the other lug of the speed control. There are no other disconnected wires and when the effect is turned on it just sounds normal,...no phase.
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if there is no other disconnected wire and they are both the same color odds are thats where it goes
try just tying them toghether before soldering it back on and see if it works
Hi!. I write you from Spain, Madrid.
I have an old DOD Phasor 401, but it´s completly unweld.
This is a link I posted on an spanish guitar forum

As you can see in the pics, the components (jacks, footswitch, etc.) are unweld.
I don't know electronic stuff and don't read electronic schematics, but It would be great if I have some pictures of another 401's inside components and wiring pics.
Could you send me some pics of your 401?.
Thanks for your time.. Regards from Spain.