hey man i can't get to your page for some reason, just tried it on someone else's profile and it did the same thing (takes you to community page). click on mine and it will probably do the same to you
Thats weird, It did the same to me last night but I thought it was a cookie or cache problem on the computer. But it seems to be working now though.
Well done! I loved that, definitely heard the Kamelot influence, but also a bit of your own style. The solo was nice, good shred parts. Lyrics are good gothic/power metal, and like I mentioned about Kamelot, the vocals reminded me a bit of the Simone Simons/Roy Khan trade-offs. All in all, great job!
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Hey Man, Glad you liked it. Im not sure if I listed them on my profile but Kamelot is definitely one of my top favorite bands so its great to be told it reminded someone of them.

An interesting story about the song too. I wrote and recorded it while on holiday in LA, and so the solo was recorded at 3am in a hotel room in LA. How Rock N Roll is that :P
Hey man, just listened to the track, and yeah the intro was really cool, the riffage and music is really good too, and yeah it reminds me a little about Kamelot too, and Im a HUGE Kamelot fan ( I listened to Epica like everyday). The female and male vocals trade off is really good, and the riffs on the chorus are really well placed. The Solo sounds really really good man. I really liked it. Well done!! The drumming is good man!! Keep it like that. Good job on that song!!

here is mine if you'll like to crit:
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good song dude. loved the tone on the solo and the drums as well. the song as a whole is laid out very nice. not a big fan of the vocals but the lyrics were great.
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