Today while playing my peavey vtm 120 I seemed to notice the head was a little hotter than usual. I checked the tubes and one of them was glowing a blueish purple color. Is this a problem? Any helps appreciated!
I was playing a jazz concert once and my amp did this. The next 5 minutes rendered the amp useless when the entire speaker blew out as the tube shattered.
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i did some research and found that many tubes can glow blue straight out of the factory some do it when they get really hot and some do it when air leaks into the vacuum the last bit tends to mean that they are going bad... It should not hurt your amp though
That blue color may be a bad tube. When the vacum is compromised and air leaks in it gets super heated as electrons pass through it on the way to the plate. The air molecules become a glowing hot plasma that looks like a blue haze. That tube may last a bit longer but if it were me I would do 1 of 2 things. You can pull the tube in question and take it to your local electronics store (not best buy but a hobby shop or hardware store that may have a tester) and have it checked or you can replace the tubes as directed by the amp manufacturer. If they suggest a matched set of tubes and that you replace them all at the same time I would, but that's just me. If it has been a while take the time and really inspect the amp. Blow out any dust, check for leaking capaciters and take the cover off and check the speaker. The paper around the cone does not age well and if it is looking ratty you may want to look into having that fixed. WARNING!!! TUBE AMPS CAN HURT OR KILL YOU! Some components have been known to carry a lethal electrical charge for days after being unplugged so show her some respect. If you have any doubts at all and would rather a pro deal with it then ask other players who they trust with their gear and let them look at it. Let us know how it goes. Rock On...
How come we get these blue tube threads all at once? Somebody's getting sloppy programming the Matrix.

Blue glow is fluorescence and it can come from a few places. It can come from residue on the glass or the plate from when the gas inside the tube is converted to solid during the evacuation process. This is harmless and quite pretty. It is there from manufacture and doesn't just start one day.
It can also come from gas inside the tube fluorescing. A soft tube actually means a soft vacuum, ie still a little bit in there. A hard tube is more thoroughly evacuated. However, it is rarely enough to glow much. If you develop a small leak and let in air it can suddenly make the valve glow blue - this is not a good thing. It could last for months getting progressively muddier or it could just turn up it's legs in spectacular fashion.
Now it is common for two tubes from the same batch to glow differently so I wouldn't be too concerned if one is different unless this is a variance from the norm. If this is this is totally new I'd replace them. If not buy some spares and wait and see. One thing is for sure, I'd have a set on hand.
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Thanks fellas, I think I'm gonna take it down to a local reputable tech to see what the deal is. I hope it's not a problem, I just bought this thing and really don't wanna spend a bunch of cash on it already
Iv got some Mesa power tubes in my pignose and when I first got the amp(already had the Mesa tubes in it) I saw a blue glow in them. Now its just the regular yellow color.
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I think there is something seriously wrong with your amp!! Tubes shouldn't glow blue!

You should give it to me just to be on the safe side. You wouldn't want a broken amp lying around cluttering your house up.