So I played my first gig tonight. Well it was a pops concert at my school but count it.

We covered Folsom Prison Blues and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

It was so exhillerating to be on stage and jam out, at first I was really nervous but then it all just came natural and was the best time of my life. At one point our drummer kept playing the chorus in Smells Like Teen Spirit when it should have been the verse and our singer turned around and asked me, "What the **** are you doing?" I answered with a smile and said, "I don't know, what the **** am I doing?" Besides that little hiccup it was absolutely spectacular.

So I would like to hear about your first gig now, please share.
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I dunno, I've heard a dance remix that was hilariously awesome...


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My first gig my drummer (who was extraordinarily challenged at keeping steady time anyways) was worse than usual. That messed all of us up pretty bad, needless to say I don't play with them anymore
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RIP Les Paul, I bet he's forming a kick-ass band up there to play The Great Gig in the Sky. Maybe we'll all have to use a Stairway to Heaven to go see them play. You know I'm funny.
I remember my first gig 2 months ago. It was a billion times better than playing for my dog!
Started off with my songs, then finished with some covers. It felt really awesome sharing some of my stuff with the good people