I'm mainly a rhythm guitarist, playing mostly acoustic, but am eager to learn to play lead. My old electric is an Ibanez Gio (Basically an RG, with dual humbuckers, and standard tremolo).

It was time for a new guitar, so I bought a brand new RGT42MDX (thru-neck RG, Edge III trem) and a used mint VBT700 - Flying V(also thru-neck, custom gibralter bridge, no trem). (I like the Ibanez necks better than strat necks).

My dilemma is mainly concerning the RGT42MDX, I now know it takes alot more time to tune a floating bridge trem (Floyd Rose Style) and is especially annoying if you want to play drop d, as the other strings go sharp if you tune down low E. After purchasing the new guitars, I read about the Ibanez S Series, and its Zero Point Tremolo System.

Is it worth giving up the RGT42MDX for the S420 just for the ZPS Trem, versus the Edge III Trem, will it be much easier to drop D tune, and will the Trem be much easier to use compared to the edge?

I would be giving up a 5 ply maple neck (as compared to a 3 ply) and a finished thru-neck (as compared to a bolt on), and just don't know if it's worth the fuss or not, since I can always use my VBT700 for drop tuning.

But something keeps nagging me about the S420, hopefully there is someone who has played the S series Trem, and give me insight as compared to the Edge, and if it's worth the swap.

- Thanks (long 1st post... )
i have always wanted the s series but never got it. mainly becuase ive got enough guitars to have different tunings. i really do want the zps system tho. i would say save some more money and go for the 520. that guitar just sings
FWIW I have a 2010 S-series...S570 to be exact and I friggin LOVE the thing. Definitely more so than any of the RGs I tried.
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The ZR Trem is solid
My Gear-
2010 Ibanez S570DXQM 24-fretter
MIM Fender Standard Strat HSS Sierra Sunburst

Line 6 Spider IV 15w
Try one out first tbh.

I own two Ibanez S series guitars. Both are of very high quality and are very easy to operate. My S670 will stay in tune for up to a week with barely any need to fine tune. The guitar in itself sounds perfect to me, exactly how I want to sound but it has had many customisations done to it. The trem is the best trem unit I have ever used and now I only play S series Ibanez's exclusively.

That however is me, you may despise them. The bodies are a lot thinner, some people find this comfortable, others do not. So all I can say is go try one and see what you prefer
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Out of a Lo-TRS 1 (RGR450), a ZR (S1625FB prestige), and two Lo-Pro Edges (JEMs) I like the ZR the least (and perhaps shockingly to some I like the TRS the most). I generally leave my E/A string nut locks finger tight so I can get to drop-d without a hex wrench, and I usually don't even have to do that because the fine tuner is capable of dropping well over a full step on the low E.
Yeah, I tried the fine tuner, it definitely had enough play to drop e to d, but I hooked up my electronic tuner, and all of the other strings had gone sharp, so it is slightly out of tune.

As for the recommendations to check out a 570 over a 420, I prefer the look of the 420, as long as the guitar plays and sounds the same as the 570 (minus the single coil) I'd prefer the 420. (withstanding, it's worth the switch from the RGT)

Also, I would like to try out an S before I buy, but I'm over 2 hours from the closest center with guitar stores, (live in the country....) so it might be a bit before I can do that.

Thanks for the replies so far, look forward to hearing more about the RG vs. the S420!
As a side note, only non-guitarists say they play "rhythm" or "lead". Am I to assume that not everyone does both?
Well, it was my 3 year anniversary today, so we went to the city to celebrate.

I managed to pick up an Ibanez SV5470F, and gave it a short demo.
It didn't have the trem bar in, but man, that guitar felt amazing.
I'm in love with the body, and the action is probably the best I've felt, but that's comparing it to non japanese Ibanez models (if that matters.) (also, this guitar had a better locking system, on the keys, rather than the neck)

But I did get to examine the guitar, and it seems drop d would be as easy as dropping your e string, then adjusting the spring tension dial till your guitar was in tune again.

If it is really that easy, I definitely want an S, and would probably be happy with the 420.

Any Canadian buyers interested in a brand new RGT42MDX! - lol.
I found out Ibanez makes a black S570 (S570BK), but it only seems to be available on UK and European sites. Too bad this guitar is not available in North America, the finish is sexy, better than the 420.
Definitely the suck.
On the Ibanez UK website there it is plain as day, the S570 (not the s570b) in black.

I wonder if there's a way to find out if this guitar will come to North America.