Hey everyone, I've been thinking of trading in or selling my Highway one strat, since I never use it anymore and I don't have any real need for a guitar with single coils. I finally decided to put the ad on kijiji looking for a trade and I got a reply from someone considering trading a BC Rich Mockingbird Special X for it. I'd most likely be using it to play metal, since it's a pain in the ass to change tunings on the floyd on my jackson and I play a variety of music.
I know I'll be getting the better end of the deal here, since the guitar's about 100-200 dollars more than mine, but what are some opinions on this guitar? I've never had any real experience with BC Rich and I might be going to test drive it tomorrow to see what I think. I'd just like to know a little about the mockingbird.

EDIT: This is the guitar here (in black): http://www.bcrich.com/mockingbird_specialx.html
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i played my friends dads bc rich mockingbird for just a few minutes and it was pure bliss which surprised me, i thought it would be chunky. but that is the only experience i have had with them, i know the one my friends dad had was a real high end model though
I hear both sides about B.C. Rich guitars. Either you play a really great one, or one that is complete shit. You better test it out.