Hey guys, please check out this recording I did for a female vocalist. I also played the guitars but I'm most interested in what you think of the recording/mix in general. The song on the myspace is called "Jennica Scott - Wicked Twisted Road," should be the third one down. Crit for crit, as always. Thanks!

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its an amazing song, very clear and soulful. The vocals make it sound very country as opposed to your profiles genre which says Rock/Alternative/Acoustic but then again I had to remember its a recording you did for the female Vocalist. As a recording its well done though maybe tone back on the vocalist cause it sounds almost as if shes too close to the mic at times (maybe re-record it?) though the guitars i can hear fine they do sound a bit drowned out by the vocals, maybe pick them up a bit? i don't know if this is your final version or if its a rough draft but this is an overall good song that wasn't mixed well. I did however listen to some of your other songs and I enjoyed your version of Mad World and
same world. good stuff dude.

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It's alright, can't really hear anything wrong with it, the girl has a nice voice, but I love your other song, "Fate, Karma, Change", awesome!!