Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I dont usually post I usually go about reading to see if that will solve my problem. Been playing about a year and a half, can handle simple stuff such as knocking on heavens door solos. I have no problems learning songs..except for the solos(obviously) haha which is pretty important. I wanted to know if anyone could give me some wisdom on basic soloing techniques, any help is greatly appreciated.
can you be more specific? Are you learning off tabs, videos etc? What type of solos are you learning? One thing I can think of, and I'm sure theres a sticky somewhere, is that you should slow down your playing so that you can pick up on each individual note and the way its played. You should do this before trying to play a solo at normal speed. This will help you become more fluent in your playing and it won't sound as messy. It can take a while though, but it's worth it from my experience.

Im not sure, I guess I'm basically asking for some soloing licks or something I could use to incorporate into my playing. I want to start soloing but I just dont know how to go about learning. Again, sorry if this is in the wrong place