Now this is a weird genre, I'm gonna call it Dance/Electronic/Alternative but I really wouldn't know. Now it will be boring without the vocals but I'll get to those later, I was just really surprised and proud of the solo I came up with for it, especially for more than half of it being on the spot. I didn't record the solo in one take (4 to be exact) But I am very very very very happy with it and with the way my improvisation skills have improved, you can just listen to the solo at 3:25 and let me know what you think. I'll crit back as usual.

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
you didn't hear the solo that starts at 3:25 and ends at 4:00??????? in the song "Interstellar Vibes"
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Cool heartbeats up to the solo, and the solo guitar comes in strong, which is good. The tone is okay, I do like the reverb, though. Good for being improvised! I only wrote actual solos for my songs for the first couple, since then, I've done only improvisation. I've come up with good results too, so it's something that works!

I'll listen to your song again when it has vocals, but pretty good for now.
ok so this crit is pretty much about your solo since that is what this thread is based on, so, it was ok. i listened to it 2 times first time to hear the solo the second time to hear the rhythm behind the solo as it matched to your solo. as an improvasation its good, not great mind you, but good. it might seem as if i'm being over critical but Improv solos are what i do best when i solo since i forget easily what i write, i think if you sit down though and read the chords behind your solo and maybe play it back half speed you'll get a better idea of what to go off on.

now i'm not saying its bad, the part where you have a small speed run and kind of build up towards the ending is good. I highly suggest you keep that if you ever decide to play it live, its one of those things that definetely adds to your song. i have to ask though what scale were you using and did you apply that scale with the song?

aside from that the song is pretty much how you describe it an alternative dance electronic song and i'm actually pretty juiced to hear it with vocals. if you can PM me when you have vocals on it so i can hear the overall Feel of the song. I have two songs you can listen to to get a better idea on improvisation

this one you can crit if you'd like

but for a serious look in to improve and how it matches your song check out Tension on my profile since that is a great example of studing the rhythm behind your possible solo. if you also decide to redo your solo send me a PM i'd like to hear it again.
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So I really like this track. It sounded so cool. The drums have a nice feel and whatever the melodies you've got going on with the lead instrument are cool as well. I didn't really know what to expect when I read your description, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The part of your solo at 3:42 to 3:50 was great! All in all I liked the solo, but it felt weak at points and some of your bends sounded a bit off. It ended well and it returned nicely. The tone was great too, though I would have preferred a little bit more low end in it, just a bit to sort of balance it out. Overall though really nice work man.

Thanks for your crit btw!


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Thanks guys. As for the vocals, there just gonna be real cheesy and auto-tuned daft punk style.

Hart_Attack: Thanks for the insight man, that was a lot of help. I will attack the solo again, and fix the tone a bit like sir peacemaker said, after hearing it again, I do think its a bit trebly. As for the scale that I used, I really wouldn't know, don't know much about scales, but the song is in the key of C minor and all the notes I hit in the solo fit in that key. I'm definitely theory less. But thanks a lot for the in-depth critique. I will get to yours as soon as I can. Thanks again.

fingersofflame: yea the bends are partly my fault. I've had this guitar for about 3 years now, never took care of its neck or itself. I am plenty sure the intonation is thrown way off, actually I'm positive. A new set of strings sounds good for a week or so before notes on the high end start sounding a bit outta whack, so I gotta get that taken care of. And yea I just noticed that the solo's tone is missing more of a low end warm feel. Next time, I will get that. I'm playing everything back on my computers speakers which suck. But thanks!
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know