ever have a night where playing sounds and feels really really right for you? i always love playing, but tonight was one of those perfect evenings for me.

everyone is asleep, it's quiet and i picked up my cargo. the strings are well broken in and are at the perfect level. i started to do a little fingerpicking, and it was perfect in every way - sounded great, deep and full, my fingers felt perfect, the guitar felt good as i held it. i found myself coming up with new riffs that were not in my normal style, both strummed and finger picked, and i really enjoyed playing them till they were sort of burned into my brain and my fingers could remember them. man, while i was playing, i was in the zone and all was right with the world.

ah, if i ever needed another reason to play the guitar, it's nights like these
when my teacher showed me killing in the name...i swear to god ive never been more excited to play guitar
I have perfect guitar days fairly rarely. I can feel it the second I pluck the first string, my fingers are perfect, nails - perfect perfect amount of handsweat and then when I play something. It just feels different.
My "Perfect" = < most peoples

Because I am teaching myself (slowly) and can't play for extended periods every day (normally at least 30 mins a day)...my (very limited) guitar playing can vary.

But even with this, sometimes when I pick up...usually impromptu and often after a long period of not playing (couple of days), every thing works...without looking!

As you say, fingers work right, quick chord changes flow, buzz free...awesome.

Quite impressed myself last night actually.

My little daughter (7) has small pink classical and she dragged it downstairs begging to be taught something (so she can 1 up her friend next door, who is spoiled and has a similar guitar, only because she saw my daughters one...no players in her house).

So I showed her how to play "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, just the main riff.

She can do it! The stretch to 3rd fret on B is a problem, but she picked it up inside of 10 mins.

Sorry, went on a bit of ramble there....

But...point being...it was one of "those" times.
I picked up my guitar and played, went a bit nuts but all was perfect. Even my wife pointed out she recognised the intro to "Wanted, Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi (yeah, sorry!)
It may even have contributed to her accepting my new guitar when I buy it!
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I've noticed that when I spend about a week or so practicing certain things for hours and hours a day, whether acoustic or electric, I get tired of guitar for about 1 day or 2 after that and my brain needs some rest more than my hands do. But when I pick a guitar up again after my 1 or 2 day break I'm a much better, smoother, more creative, and consistent player than last week.

EDIT: ^my point is that usually the day that I pick it up again is one of my perfect guitar days!

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yeah they are great. personally, i think they're enhanced by new strings.
I can't even walk a flight of stairs at 4:26 in the morning.

...but I do like it when my guitar falls into dead-nuts tuning at other times of the day.
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^ hahahaha what the hell is dead-nuts tuning? funniest guitar related term ive heard in a while lol

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well this isnt a perfect guitar night, but it was a perfect humor night, i was playing acoustic for a church christmas special and a few of the songs were VEEEEERY slow and boring, well...i kinda dozed off and nearly fell off the stool...i caught myself on the music stand, then i realised...everyone now knows im bored out of my mind...wasnt a perfect guitar night, but it was at least funny for me.
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^ hahahaha what the hell is dead-nuts tuning? funniest guitar related term ive heard in a while lol

It's just a slang term for precise. It isn't specific to guitars.
I love those nights, except for me, they don't always have to be nights. Could be midday, morning, nighttime, anytime. But night for me is usually around 8-9 PM for this "perfect guitar night", because I usually talk on the phone sometime around 9:45-later at night.

I know what you're saying though; Dig out the acoustic, tune-up if necessary, and just start playing. I love the nights when I play and sing and the guitar sounds extra nice and my voice gets the melody right, or when I'm fingerpicking something and the notes have an absolute perfect balance. Bright shimmering highs, and deep, powerful lows. It's times like these that I think to myself "I am so glad I'm going to college to study music."
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Yep -- just put some new elixirs on the electric/acoustic and a friend in a band says he (rhythm) and his bandmate are practising and their bassist isn't there, so why not have an acoustic jam instead?

These guys are far more practised than I, with more band experience but I've been playing for 20+ years...everyone plays without ego, we all have fun learning what the others know.

It allowed me to gain their confidence when I offered to man the control board to record them the next week. Good times when the music flows.
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