Selling my barely used Ibanez TS-9. This pedal is in great condition with a little bit of scratches on the left side from my pedal board (shown on the photos) and was never taken out of the house. It even still has the clear plastic cover on the Ibanez logo. It comes with the box and the two manuals. I never registered the pedal so I'm pretty sure you can still register it for the full warranty. I'm selling this because I just ordered an OKKO Diablo pedal and need some of the money back to cover the debt.








Price: $75.00 plus $9.00 for shipping via USPS with insurance anywhere in the 48 states.

I'm also selling a Telecaster neck that needs a few work. The headstock has some glue on the holes for tuners so it needs to be sanded and refinished. One of the holes for the screw that connects it to the body also needs to be fixed.





Price: I'll take any serious offers. Shipping is $15.00 via USPS with insurance anywhere in the 48 states.

I only accept Paypal. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking and have a great day/afternoon/night/wherever you are!
if it doesnt work with polishedbullet i wouldnt mind working out a deal.

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Got your PM polishedbullet. Sale is pending until next Saturday.

gebgebgeb- I'll contact you if the sale doesn't go threw.